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LCVYRC serves teens in the Lewis Clark Valley through a trauma-informed resource center where they receive compassion and hope while providing safety, meeting basic needs, and modeling healthy relationships.


Tonight in the LC Valley

Lewiston and Clarkston High Schools estimate 30 displaced teens are seeking a safe place to sleep each night in the LC Valley.  Some of these children are staying with friends while others are couch surfing or putting themselves at risk in potentially dangerous situations.  Working alongside local law enforcement, local school districts, and child services, the LC Valley Youth Resource Center helps to fill the gaps between existing programs for teens. Overnight accommodations are provided for up to 16 teens each night.


Drop-In Center

Every day from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm, the drop-in center provides meals, showers, clothing, and serves as a conduit to services for medical services, dental services, legal aid, tutors, counseling, and drug/alcohol treatment.  Sick beds are available during school hours as needed by guests.

Overnight Accomodations

At 7:00 pm, displaced Lewiston and Clarkston students ages 12-17 may check in for overnight accommodations.  Guests are be awakened for school each morning, served breakfast, and sent to school. On the weekends, guests are be awakened for breakfast at 8 am.

Soft Skill Training

The LC Valley Youth Resource Center provides displaced local teens with education and support.  Training includes hygiene, laundry, self-care, financial management, how to obtain (and keep) employment that provides livable wages, anger management, goal setting, healthy relationships, and sex education.


Quotes From Our Kids

Through my experience with them I gained a family, a home, love, and encouragement.

Experiencing safety for the first time of my life was not easy.


Recent Events

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    Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the young girl walking along the seashore, who noticed hundreds of starfish that had washed up along the beach with the incoming tide. Knowing they would soon dry out in the hot sun and die, she quickly started picking them up and throwing them back into the sea. OneContinue reading “Testimony”
  • Testimony
    2/27/2020 My name is Kieren Joshua Kytonen. From the day I met Michelle King and her family, they treated me as if I was one of their own. My home life was surrounded by drug addicts, alcoholics, and neglect but thanks to Michelle, I learned what it was like to be part of a loving,Continue reading “Testimony”
  • LC Valley Youth Resource Center History
    The Kings purchased a home in Lewiston, Idaho in June of 2008 and instilled in their blended family that “everyone is welcome and safe here”.  Some children bring home stray dogs and cats.  The King’s children brought home stray kids.  Some who needed a safe place to sleep, food to eat, or a hot shower. Continue reading “LC Valley Youth Resource Center History”

Help Open The Center

With your help, the LC Valley Youth Resource will continue to provide help to local teens in need. Click here to see the list of supplies the Center needs.